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Sue and Nithy Nithyanandan have noticed that shoppers at their Epsom store are generally looking to improve their diet through healthier eating and demand for fresh is higher than ever. In response, they’ve installed new low-level chillers to display fresh fruit and veg in a ‘market style’ theme, and have found that the easier their shoppers can access fresh fruit and veg, the more stock they sell.

Shopper demand prompted Zee Mah to add a very large Co-op Free From and vegan range in his Rendlesham store. Now with two fully branded bays and dedicated space in the chiller to offer gluten free cheeses and vegan butter, Zee is enjoying increased footfall and basket spend.

Healthy demand in Epsom

Fresh footfall in Rendlesham

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“Fresh produce is overwhelmingly popular and the biggest growth area in my store. My range has grown by 15% over the last year as demand for fresh produce is higher than ever.”

“By offering these healthier options, I have noticed that I’m bringing more shoppers through the door. Once I have people through the door, I’ve noticed that basket spend has increased with shoppers choosing to fill up on other essentials from the Co-op ranges and weekly promotions while they are here.”

Responding to healthy demands

Esbank store owner, Alan McCorquodale, has noted that the average age of his shopper is dropping significantly as younger families move into the area and that they’re looking for much healthier convenience options all round – whether that be gluten free, vegetarian or vegan products. Rather than making any physical changes to his store to adapt to the healthier products, Alan chose to increase browse time by mixing the products alongside other branded options, all of which is paying off for him with increased basket spend and footfall.

“I want my shoppers to browse the aisles rather than just head to one bay and pick from there. By encouraging my customers to browse the store, I’ve noticed that average basket spend is higher as shoppers will usually pick up other items along the way. I also find that the Co-op Free From and vegan products are really well labelled, so we don’t need separate bays in our store.”